Why Do We Put Crowns On Baby Teeth?

As a parent it perfectly natural for you to wonder why we are saving a baby (primary) tooth that will eventually fall out as a normal part of growth. It’s a great question and deserves an answer.

Baby teeth are very important as space holders to keep room open for a permanent tooth to come in. When a baby tooth is removed too early due to decay, the other teeth begin to slide into the space it left, leaving no room for the permanent tooth to come in. Other less obvious reasons have to do with chewing and digesting food properly, and even avoiding speech problems in those early formative years.

Finally, one of the most important reasons to treat decay on a baby tooth, is to keep that decay from spreading into the permanent tooth just behind it. Dental infection can very easily spread from the baby tooth and cause permanent damage to the permanent tooth underneath it. As children’s dentists we work hard to maintain a smile for your child that will last for a lifetime…..beginning with that very first tooth.

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