Stained Glass Hearts for Valentine’s Day

From: Kid’s Craft Room
It’s so lovely to make something beautiful using something you were going to throw away. We love the way that recycled crafts help children understand the need to care for the world and look after the environment.
The translucent nature of plastic milk bottles make them perfect for creating these colorful stained glass effect hearts. Hung at a window the light shines through them illuminating the colors. So quick and simple to do, children will love that they’ve created something so beautiful, so easily.
How to Make a Milk Bottle Stained Glass Effect Valentine Heart
Supplies to Make a Stained Glass Heart
• One large plastic milk bottle
• Scissors
• Hole Puncher
• Glue Stick
• Tissue Paper
• Ribbon or thread for hanging
Cut out the large flat side of the milk bottle.
Draw on your heart shape and cut it out.
Use the hole punch to cut a hole for threading.
Tear the tissue paper into little pieces.
Cover one side of the heart thickly with glue.
Stick on the tissue paper and set aside to dry.
Once fully dry trim around the edges.
Thread with ribbon and hang in the window.
This is such a simple and adaptable idea.

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