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We ❤ Our Laser – Part 1

There are so many reason we love having a wonderful, modern laser in our office we can’t even get them all into one blog, so we decided to begin at the beginning. By now most of us agree on the health and bonding benefits of breast feeding […]

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Why Do We Put Crowns On Baby Teeth?

As a parent it perfectly natural for you to wonder why we are saving a baby (primary) tooth that will eventually fall out as a normal part of growth. It’s a great question and deserves an answer. Baby teeth are very important as space holders to keep […]

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Stained Glass Hearts for Valentine’s Day

From: Kid’s Craft Room It’s so lovely to make something beautiful using something you were going to throw away. We love the way that recycled crafts help children understand the need to care for the world and look after the environment. The translucent nature of plastic milk […]

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When Should We Meet the Dentist?

We hear this question frequently at Bright Star, and parents are always surprised by the answer. We should begin seeing your child when their first tooth erupts, or no later than their first birthday. Why so soon? Because starting your child on the right road to good […]

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